Heroes! June 2010—July 2010
Several times a year at New York's Stonewall Inn, a number of gay superheroes gather together to discover their extraordinary powers... Heroes

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    John Daly, Editor
Mario Caicedo
Michael Coard
Dominick Concepción
David Fawcett
Jim Gigliello
Anthony Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Gilberto Kern
Sean McShea
Carlos Moega
Robert Pavlov
Jim Schaefer
Wesley Schultz
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Julie, Julia and Gay Men
Julie, Julia and Gay Men April 2010—May 2010
Julie and Julia could provide us an opportunity to reflect on a key ingredient to cooking up a happy and healthy life... Heroes

Acting on Awareness
Pridefest Issue! Acting on Awareness February 2010—March 2010
Men who have sex with men account for the largest share of those infected with HIV and AIDS in Florida as well as the rest of the country... Heroes

Setting Goals in 2010
Faith, Health & Our Community December 2009—January 2010
Fort Lauderdale oftern conjures up images of beaches, sun, and a great nightlife but seldom is there an opportunity to discuss the diversity and contributions of the LGBT and the LGBT-friendly faith-based... Heroes

The Health Hazard of Hate
The Health Hazard of Hate October 2009—November 2009
Hate and resulting stigma play a role in gay men not getting tested for HIV or seeking vaccination for viral hepatitis. It creates even more silence in the cases of... Heroes

Becoming The Healthier You August 2009—September 2009
On August 25, the National Gay Men's Health Summit will open in Fort Lauderdale celebrating a decade of the gay men's health movement... Heroes

Before Gay Pride, There was Gay Freedom
Before Gay Pride, There was Gay Freedom June 2009—July 2009
In the years after Stonewall, organizers did not call it ‘gay pride day,’ but ‘gay freedom day.’ While many people debated a great deal about adding ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’ and ‘transgender’... Heroes

Beyond Ammendment 2
Beyond Ammendment 2 April 2009—May 2009
It’s hard to find much in the way of positive news in our community’s continued struggle for equal rights, recognition and protection after November’s resounding passage of Amendment 2. Major political... Heroes

Are You Man Enough?
Are You Man Enough? February 2009—March 2009
All of us begin forming our ideas of “masculine” and “feminine” at a very early age. Studies show that by the age of 3, most of us know something about gender-related preferences for toys and activities...

Remembering Harvey Milk
Remembering Harvey Milk in Today's Fight December 2008—January 2009
This November marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of openly gay San Francisco
supervisor Harvey Milk. The lessons of his life, his fighting spirit and the gains of GLBT people...

Straight Man Seeking Gay
Straight Men Seeking Gay October 2008—November 2008
The wall of homophobia, we are finding out, is being chiseled away not only by gay men, but by straight men on the other side of the wall. One example is the number of straight men who come out to play...

Liberating Our Virtual Community
Liberating Our Virtual Community August 2008—September 2008
The advent of the Internet has redefined what it means to be gay worldwide. Men coming out can now turn to the Internet for resources, support, and self-expression. Gay men can stay in touch and connect... Heroes

Kicking Our Addictions
Kicking Our Addictions June 2008—July 2008
Sadly, the impact on our community resulting from this culture of addiction has been devastating. We are witness to the numbers of gays who have overdosed, are in jail or who have lost nearly everything... Heroes

Why We Need Out In The News
Why We Need Out In The News April 2008—May 2008
The purpose of Out in the News (OTN) is to provide such a forum. Our editorial board is made up of knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals, such as health department staff and volunteers... Heroes

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