Images of Safer Sex
  too tight.”
  • "Condoms don't fit me." "They're too tight." This old excuse is not worthy of you putting yourself at risk.
  • In condom demonstrations, educators have put condoms on over their shoe, their head, and their forearm without breakage, showing no man is “too big” for a condom.
  • It is easier to become infected with HIV- if a person already has another sexually transmitted disease (STD) Always seek medical attention ASAP if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • HIV can be passed through tattooing, piercing, and shooting steroids. However, most tattoo parlors use sterilized needles for such procedures. Never let a non-professional do the procedure and ask how they clean their equipment.
  • It is impossible to tell if someone has HIV by looking at them. Protect yourself with every partner regardless of their background or acknowledged risk.
  • HIV/AIDS and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can be passed through anal, vaginal, and/or oral sex; anal sex being the most risky followed by vaginal then oral. Always protect yourself … always.
  • Other than HIV, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and lack of sleep all weaken the immune system making it easier to contract STDs. Take care of your body and it’ll take care of you. Drink in moderation, just say no to drugs and cigarettes, always wear condoms, be active, and get plenty of rest.

  • Water based lube only when using latex condoms! Think,
  “Hell no,
  if it’s not H2O!”
  • Sexual practices that cause bleeding or irritation can increase risk. Use lubrication.
  • If fingers penetrate body cavities, cover them with latex gloves or finger cots.
  • Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends don’t let friends play unsafe. Talk with your friends and make sure they are protecting themselves.
  • Did you know that the use of drugs and/or alcohol could lead you to do things you would not ordinarily do? Drink responsibly.
  • Safer Sex doesn’t mean boring sex. Try - different types of condoms: Colored, ribbed, studded, flavored, etc. Also experiment with role play, toys (no sharing), erotic massage, sexy stories, videos, all of which can be done totally safe!
  • Just because you’ve been in a mutually monogamous relationship for years doesn’t mean your partner couldn’t have HIV and not know it. HIV can go without symptoms for over 10 years! Show you love each other by being tested together. We can arrange free confidential HIV testing. Just stop by or call our Men's Clinic at (954) 298-1749.
  • Try a sugar free breath mint! Avoid brushing or flossing up to 2 hours before or after oral sex to minimize abrasions. Beware of bleeding gums, cuts or sores in or on the mouth.
  • Low Self Esteem puts you at greater risk for HIV infection. Mental health encourages physical health. Be proud of who you are! You are an awesome individual and there’s no one just like you.